Portsmouth International Port Local Notice to Mariners No. 01/18

Dated 17th May 2018

North Quay CFP - Missing Quayside Ladder.


  1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Harbour Master of Portsmouth International Port that the quayside ladder indicated on the drawing below has parted from its securings and is thought to be lying on the seabed causing an obstruction.

  2. Works will be put in hand to recover the ladder but mariners should avoid using this part of the berth as it is not known if the ladder is laying flat on the seabed.

  3. The ladder is made from galvanised steel and is 6.1 metres long and 0.4 metres wide.

  4. Mariners should navigate with due caution in the vicinity of the area.

Captain Rupert Taylor

Harbour Master

Portsmouth International Port