Portsmouth International Port Local Notice to Mariners No. 02/19

Dated 15th February 2019

Portsmouth International Port - Firework Display - 16th February 2019



  1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Harbour Master of Portsmouth International Port that on 16th February 2019 a pyrotechnic display will take place from a barge "Uncle Bill" located off Flathouse Quay in the position shown below. The scheduled firing time will be 1755 hrs and it is expected that the firework display will last approximately 10 minutes. The display is to mark the last sailing of Saga Pearl II from her home port of Portsmouth before returning in April to be sold.

  2. Mariners are advised that for safety reasons an Exclusion Zone will be set up in the position indicated on the photo above. The Exclusion Zone will be enforce from 1740 hrs until 1815 hrs.

  3. Immediately preceding the display the tug "Yorkshireman" will station it itself between the barge and the Saga Pearl II to conduct a water cannon display.

  4. Shortly before the display starts Yorkshireman will will move to the western side of the Exclusion Zone to act as a guard ship to ensure that no unauthorized vessels enter the Exclusion Zone. Yorkshireman will continue to fire their water cannon from this position.

  5. The order to start the firework display will be called by the Saga Pearl II to "Portsmouth Harbour Radio" on VHF 11 copied to QHM Harbour Control.

  6. Saga Pearl II will depart after the completion of the display and will sounding her whistle on the way out at various points from her berth to the Bar Channel with Yorkshireman in escort.

  7. Cancel this notice on 17th February 2019.


Captain Rupert Taylor

Harbour Master

Portsmouth International Port