Portsmouth International Port Local Notice to Mariners No. 03/19

Dated 2nd August 2019

Portsmouth International Port - Dredging works - Town Camber



  1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Harbour Master of Portsmouth International Port that on or around 12th August 2019 dredging works will take place in the outer Town Camber in the red outlined area as shown below.

  2. The works are expected to last up to 2 weeks and will be conducted from the ML Dredge backhoe dredger "Witton".

  3. The 42m x 8.4 m "Split Two" hopper barge will be in attendance to load onboard the dredged up material.

  4. The southern side of the dredging operation is planned to take into account the 30 minute WightLink car ferry service during the day, but due to the close proximity of the northern side of the dredge area to WightLink, some of the work will need to be done after the WightLink service reduces to a 2 hour frequency after 2200 hrs at night.

  5. WightLink Masters will liaise with the Witton prior to entry of and exit from the Outer Camber to ensure safe operations are maintained.

  6. Other vessels either entering or leaving the outer Camber should have due regard for the Car Ferry and dredging movements and operations, and should maintain a safe speed and distance off when passing.

  7. Cancel this notice on completion of the works or on 1st September 2019.


Captain Rupert Taylor

Harbour Master

Portsmouth International Port