Portsmouth International Port Local Notice to Mariners No. 05/12

Dated 9th August 2012


Prohibition of the use of Rocket Propelled mooring line aids



  1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Harbour Master of Portsmouth International Port that the use of rocket propelled apparatus to fire a heaving line ashore during mooring operations is strictly prohibited in the Commercial Port.

  2. The apparatus referred to above fires a rocket propelled heavy projectile with a line attached. This presents an extremely hazardous situation to personnel and property ashore.

  3. Any person ashore inadvertently hit by the projectile could be seriously injured, a strike on the head could even result in a fatal injury.

  4. When passage planning, in the case of unfavourable weather conditions, Ships Masters should considered the use of a tug to assist the vessel onto the berth or a mooring boat to send lines ashore when normal mooring procedures prove inadequate.

  5. This notice supersedes CNTM 01/06 which is cancelled.


Captain Rupert Taylor

Harbour Master

Portsmouth International Port