Portsmouth International Port Local Notice to Mariners No. 06/12

Dated 9th August 2012


Use of Automatic Self Tension Winches in the Portsmouth Commercial Port



  1. NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN by the Harbour Master of Portsmouth International Port that due caution must be exercised when using automatic self tensioning winches as part of the vessels mooring arrangements when left in the unattended mode after the mooring party has stood down.

  2. Incidents have occurred in the past when these winches have not been set at the correct tension and have "paid out" the mooring line in small increments as the weight on them increased above the set level. This has resulted in the vessel drifting off the berth, pulling the gangway out and in an extreme case, completely breaking away from the berth.

  3. The use of standing lines regularly attended to and made fast to a set of bitts or on the drum with the brake hard on to act as a "preventer", is highly recommended.

  4. This notice supersedes CNTM 03/06 which is cancelled.



Captain Rupert Taylor

Harbour Master

Portsmouth International Port