Enforcement Policy

Portsmouth International Port (PIP) has statutory powers of regulation within its area of jurisdiction. These powers are derived from various Acts of Parliament, Statutory Instruments, Harbour Revision Orders and Bye Laws. PIP acknowledges these broad and wide powers and will always exercise these powers proportionally in favour of education before prosecution.

However; In order to ensure that the safety of its users and the environment are protected PIP recognizes that there will be occasions when its statutory powers will need to be enforced.

In exercising its powers of enforcement PIP will take appropriate action proportionate to the circumstances of the case involved. The outcome of this action may result in.

  1. A Warning.
  2. A suspension of revocation of any licence issued by the authority.
  3. A formal caution
  4. A lien on a boat or property and the sale of such to pay for any dues and costs owed.
  5. A prosecution through the courts.
  6. Any other appropriate action.

In consideration of enforcement PIP will take account, amongst other things, any of the following circumstances.

  1. The seriousness of the incident.
  2. Any injuries to personnel or the public.
  3. The amount of any moneys owed.
  4. The wider public interest.
  5. The damage to property or to the environment.
  6. Any regulations not followed.
  7. Contravention of any licence conditions.


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