Section 52 HDP Clauses Act 1847

The Harbour Master has powers of direction to regulate the time and the manner of ships entry to, departure from and movement within the harbour waters, and related purposes. Directions may include the use of Tugs and other forms of assistance.

Harbours, Docks & Piers Clauses Act 1847

The Harbour Master may give Directions for all or any or the following Purposes; (that is to say):

For regulating the Time at which and the Manner in which any Vessel shall enter into, go out of, or lie in or at the Harbour, Dock or Pier, and within the prescribed Limits, if any, and its position, mooring or unmooring, placing and removing, whilst therein:

For regulating the Position in which any vessel shall take in or discharge its Cargo or any part there of, or shall take in or land its Passengers, or shall take in or deliver Ballast within or on the Harbour, Dock or Pier:

For regulating the manner in which any Vessel entering the Harbour or Dock or coming to the Pier shall be dismantled, as well for the Safety of such Vessel as for the preventing injury to other Vessels and to the Harbour, Dock or Pier, and the moorings thereof:

For removing unserviceable Vessels, and other Obstructions from the Harbour, Dock or Pier and keeping the same clear:

For regulating the quantity of Ballast or Dead Weight in the Hold which each Vessel in or at the Harbour, Dock, or Pier shall have during the Delivery of her Cargo, or after having discharged the Same.

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