Oil Pollution Plans

The Merchant Shipping (Oil Pollution Preparedness, Response and Co Operation Convention) Regulations 1998, amongst other things, made it a requirement for Port Authorities to plan and make preparations to reduce the damaged caused by oil pollution incidents.

The response is divided up into a three tiered approach as follows:

Tier 1 response

Is defined as a small operational spillage that can be dealt with using the resources immediately available.

Tier 2 response

A medium size spills that require the use of equipment held at longer notice or which require the assistance of the Tier 2 Contractor. (who has been pre arranged to provide support in an emergency).

Tier 3 response

Large oil spills that exceed local capabilities and which may require National assistance and/or the implementation of the National Contingency Plan.

The main Oil Pollution Plan for Portsmouth Harbour is controlled and administered by the Dockyard Port of Portsmouth, through the offices of the Queens Harbour Master.

Portsmouth International Port will deal with Tier 1 spills for its area of responsibility, namely:

All other areas in the Harbour will be dealt with by the Dockyard Port.

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