Local Notices to Mariners

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Portsmouth International Port - Local Notices To Mariners
01/12 Cancelled
02/12 Portsmouth International CFP - Linkspan Signal Lights
03/12 Berth No 4 and No 5 Bunkering Operations CFP
04/12 No 2 berth and No 3-4 berth Dolphin Fenders CFP
05/12 Prohibition of the use of Rocket Propelled mooring line aids
06/12 Use of Automatic Self Tension Winches in the Portsmouth Commercial Port
07/12 Use of Main Engines & Bow Thrusters by RoRo Ferries whilst alongside Berths CFP
01/16 Prohibition of the use of Metal or Plastic Clips on Mooring Lines, Heaving Lines or Messenger Lines

03/17 Derelict Quay Side - Danger to Navigation - Town Camber Entrance Portsmouth

01 to 03/19


Portsmouth QHM Local Notices To Mariners
Latest Check to see if any later Local Notices to Mariner's or General Directions issued and for any Navigation Warnings ("NAVWARN")
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