"Regular user" for renewal of a Pilotage Exemption Certificate (PEC)

Under the rules the PEC has to demonstrate, amongst other things, the following minimum requirements with regard to "regular use" in order to renew their PEC each year.

  1. "That they continue to be regular users of the Harbour throughout the year."

  2. Additionally, "in the 3 months preceding the renewal they must have completed at least 6 acts of pilotage minimum."

To expand upon the definition of "continue to be a regular user throughout the year", this is kept under review and is currently set at a minimum of 12 acts, in the first 9 months from the renewal date, plus the additional 6 acts, i.e. a minimum of 18 acts in total.

An Act of pilotage for this purpose is defined as a full act of pilotage from outside of the district to the berth or vice versa.